Okanagan Marriage Retreats offers marriage counselling and intensives that will bring healing, truth, hope, help, accountability, and skills/communication to your marriage. No matter what your marriage needs, no matter what the problems are, our counselling, retreats and intensives will make a substantial difference and allow change to happen to put our marriage on a solid path and a restored, redeemed and healthier future.

For marriages in a challenged place and close to needing to make some important decisions, a marriage intensive can help you decide what your next steps are and show you and your spouse the options you have and how to get to where you want to go.

We offer three types of Marriage Counselling, Intensives and Retreats:

1. Marriage Counselling

2. Individual Marriage Intensives (1 couple, one on one intensive marriage counselling, equates to a year's worth of marriage counselling in one/two/three days or a weekend — this is a very effective method for marriages that need to change and heal NOW). Book a half day, a full day, two days, three days — whatever you think is needed to go through everything you need to for your marriage. To discuss cost,
email us with your details, prospective dates that you would be interested in, and we will send you cost options.

3. Group Marriage Retreats (5-12 couples, a full day retreat in Kelowna)
1/2 day cost: $400 plus gst per couple
Full day cost: $600 plus get per couple



Want a Marriage Intensive course you can take from home?
Introducing A Marriage of Value

We offer a faith-based and a non-faith-based home (online) course.

A Marriage of Value (non-fath-based)
An interactive home (online) 6 week course for couples, focusing on areas of value, honor, respect, truth, communication, shared healing, shared vision, a love that grows, sexual intimacy, emotional intimacy, boundaries, and shared values.

A Marriage of Value (faith based)
A biblically based marriage course that is very interactive, Christ-centered, and focuses on areas of value, honour, respect, truth, communication, shared healing, shared vision, desire, a love that grows, sexual intimacy, emotional intimacy, spiritual intimacy, boundaries, shared values, as well as implementation or realignment of Godly leadership and relationship.

Cost is $299 plus get for the online course/workbook

For small group leaders, including the leader's workbook plus group reproducibles, cost is $449 plus get

To pay by credit card, contact us for an invoice through which you can directly pay. To pay by transfer, email to us at


Navigating Infidelity / After The Affair
The trauma caused by infidelity de-rails a marriage relationship, and it also deeply wounds those involved. Infidelity injects pain, rejection, shame, doubt, and many layers of dysfunctionality and emotional wounding that can be very difficult to find your way through.
What decisions need to be made?
What are my options?
How can we heal?
How can I make sure this never happens again?
Can I ever trust again?

We can arrange for an intensive 1day to a 1 week one-on-one set of appointments or we can see you for an hour or two every week or two and help you find your way through the pain. We can help.